Take Control of Your Energy Storage System

Intelligent Battery Management Systems

nuvation-hv-bms-gbc.jpgDeveloped in consultation with leading battery manufacturers and energy storage system developers, Nuvation Energy battery management systems meet the demanding requirements of today’s energy storage systems. They provide precise cell balancing and robust communications with power conversion systems, as well as intelligent stack management features that that are typically found only in custom-developed controllers.

Configurable for almost any battery chemistry, Nuvation Energy battery management systems can be used in all types of battery energy storage systems (BESS) to support any storage application.

  • Protects Batteries
    • Provides State of Charge (SOC) data to the power conversion system (PCS).
    • Intelligently manages stack connection and disconnection to prevent current surges and voltage mismatches that could damage cells.
    • Prevents over-charging and over-discharging by instructing the PCS to gradually reduce the current as the cells reach max / min SOC.
  • Provides Multiple Safety Layers
    • Connects directly to and controls up to four contactors with built-in coil drivers.
    • Contains a solid state switch inside the BMS that disconnects the power flow to the contactor coils in case other ESS disconnect systems fail.
    • BMS modules include dual independent failsafe processors that monitor each other.
    • Includes bi-directional contactor control to support disconnection under load.
    • Detects faulty voltage and temperature sensor wiring or fused contactors and shuts down the stack.
  • Manages Multiple Stacks Industrial-Behind-The-Meter-Energy-Storage.jpg
    • Add a Grid Battery Controller to your BMS modules to add intelligent multi-stack management for up to 36 stacks in parallel.
  • Communicates with ESS Controls
    • Provides real-time data directly to your environmental and fire control system to help your ESS make pre-emptive safety decisions.
  • Designed for Large-Scale Energy Storage
    • Receives commands from your ESS controls without the middleware typically required by other battery management systems.
    • Simplifies system integration by utilizing industry-standard communication protocols.
  • Configurable for Almost Any Battery Chemistry
    • Change the battery management configuration settings via the user-friendly Operator Interface to optimize management parameters, or to re-configure your BMS for different batteries.
  • Help if You Need It
    • Established in 1997, Nuvation Energy will be here to support you for the long term. We continually roll out BMS firmware updates and feature additions, and if you need a custom energy storage solution, our energy storage engineering team can develop it for you.

Field Proven, Market-Ready

  • Nuvation battery management systems have been tested by and independently validated by international accreditation bodies such as UL, CSA, and DNV GL.
  • Nuvation Energy BMS products are used worldwide in a range of energy storage applications. Examples include demand charge management, renewables integration, frequency regulation, EV charging, and microgrids.

Use It Anywhere You Need a BMS

  • Containerized energy storage systems
  • Indoor custom energy storage applications
  • Telecom backup power battery racks
  • Electric vehicles and mobile robots
Nuvation High-Voltage BMS

Nuvation Energy High-Voltage BMS

A utility-grade battery management system for large-scale energy storage applications. Includes intelligent stack management features typically found only in custom energy storage controllers.
Stack Switchgear


Nuvation Energy’s Stack Switchgear (SSG) provides an integrated battery stack management solution that includes all the hardware and software required to integrate a battery stack into your energy storage system (ESS).


Grid Battery Controller

A multi-stack aggregator for Nuvation Energy Low-Voltage BMS and High-Voltage BMS, the feature-rich Grid Battery Controller enables you to intelligently manage up to 36 stacks in parallel.


Low-Voltage BMS

Nuvation Energy Low-Voltage BMS

A single-unit 11-60 VDC battery management system with the all the versatility and utility-grade features of our modular high-voltage BMS..