Take Control of Your Energy Storage System

Single Stack OIFIELD-PROVEN, UL 1973 REcognized

Nuvation Energy’s battery management systems are field deployed in over 130 energy storage systems worldwide. These highly flexible battery management solutions can be configured for most battery chemistries, modules and stack designs, and used in any storage application. Our high- and low-voltage BMS modules are designed for long-term reliability and are UL 1973 Recognized for functional safety.

  • Use It Anywhere You Need a BMS
    • Utility grid support
    • Commercial and Industrial (C&I) facilities
    • Residential energy storage
    • Specialty vehicle applications
  • Configurable for Almost Any Battery Chemistry
    • The user-friendly Operator Interface enables you to configure your BMS for different battery chemistries and customize operational parameters for your target application.
  • Provides Multiple Safety Layers
    • UL 1973 Recognized functional safety settings are factory-locked to balance flexibility with safety.
    • Includes built-in coil drivers that can energize and de-energize up to four contactors.
    • Provides bi-directional contactor control to reduce the risk of contactors arcing and welding during disconnection under load.
    • Disconnects the batteries from the power path if safety thresholds are exceeded or contactors become damaged.
    • BMS modules include dual independent failsafe processors that monitor each other.
    • Detects faulty voltage and temperature sensor wiring or fused contactors and will not connect the stack if they are present. Service personnel can identify the location of faulty sense wire connectivity issues via the BMS Operator Interface.
  • Manages Batteries
    • Provides the PCS with access to battery performance thresholds as well as real time voltage, current, temperature, State of Charge (SOC), and Depth of Discharge (DOD) information.
    • Scales back current thresholds as batteries approach maximum SOC and DOD, reducing risk of overcharge and over-discharge by the PCS.
    • Balances lithium-ion and other battery chemistries during the charge cycle.
  • Integrates Parallel Stacks with ESS Controls
    • The Multi-Stack Controller provides intelligent multi-stack management for up to 36 stacks in parallel, as well as connectivity to local and remote ESS control systems.
    • Provides real-time battery data directly to ESS environmental controls and other safety systems.
    • Receives commands from ESS control systems without the middleware typically required by other battery management systems.
  • Firmware Updates and Feature Additions
    • All our customers are eligible to receive firmware updates and feature additions, ensuring that your BMS software can be upgraded in the future to support new technologies.



Nuvation Energy High-Voltage BMS

A utility-grade battery management system for large-scale energy storage applications. Includes intelligent stack management features typically found only in custom energy storage controllers.
Multi-Stack Controller


A battery control hub that aggregates stacks in parallel, provides granular stack-level control and connects your batteries to other ESS control systems.
Low-Voltage BMS

Nuvation Energy Low-Voltage BMS

A 11-60 VDC battery management system with all the versatility and features of our modular high-voltage BMS.

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