A Battery Management Solution for Utility-Grade Multi-Stack Energy Storage Systems


For multi-stack battery configurations, Nuvation High-Voltage BMS™ includes the Grid Battery Controller (GBC). The GBC manages all cells and stacks across the entire battery from a single device. This utility-grade device manages and provides a unified view of the multi-stack battery, enables data analytics, and pushes BMS configuration and firmware updates across the entire battery.

Designed in compliance with MESA (Modular Energy Storage Architecture) Open Standards for Energy Storage, the Grid Battery Controller was created specifically for integration with a wide range of grid batteries and inverters. Features include:

Multi-Stack Aggregation

  • Collects pack-level voltage, temperature, and current statistics for all cells, State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) for the entire battery, system-wide faults, warnings, and battery pack diagnostics
  • Provides a single entry point to all measurement and control points in the BMS
  • Ensures that measurements, control signals, and other data are propagating properly through the entire system

Communications & Data Analytics Support

  • Streams real-time data to external servers for analytics and trend data capture
  • Multi-socket Ethernet interface allows concurrent operation of both local and remote operator panels, data analytics streaming, and Modbus TCP inverter control
  • Configurable CAN bus interface for connection to inverters and chargers
  • MESA-compliant Modbus TCP for connection to Power Conversion Systems

Maintenance & Management

  • Brings stacks offline or online for service, maintenance, modifications, etc.
  • Assigns IP addresses to stack controllers automatically to simplify battery bring-up
  • Pushes firmware and configuration updates to all BMS modules across entire battery
  • Multi-socket Ethernet interface allows concurrent operation of local and remote operation, data analytics streaming, and inverter control
  • Fine tuning controls enable optimization and on-the-fly experimentation