An 11-60 VDC Battery Management System with Utility-Grade Software

A highly configurable bMS for low-voltage applications

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This enterprise-grade battery management system supports applications such as behind the meter and telecom backup power systems as well as electric vehicles and mobile robots. Built on the same hardware and software platform as Nuvation High-Voltage BMS™ for grid-attached energy storage, this low-voltage BMS has been built to stringent reliability standards and provides unparalleled user access and control.

Picture of Nuvation Low-Voltage Battery Management System

Key Features

  • Extends Battery Life – Communicates with power conversion systems to deliver optimal charge cycling
  • Ensures Battery Safety – Identifies cells that need servicing or replacement or are being operated outside manufacturer specifications. Initiates preventive action to protect the battery and ensure safe operation
  • Balances Cells – Provides passive balancing for lithium-ion and other battery chemistries
  • Browser-Based User Interface – Platform agnostic (Windows®, Linux®, iOS®, mobile) operator interface allows user to view system performance, take down or bring up stack(s), view faults and warnings, update BMS firmware
  • Highly Configurable – Over 1000 configuration settings deliver highly optimized battery performance on a wide range of battery platforms, and enable custom-tuning of the BMS for target applications
  • Customizable – Nuvation can add client-specific support and functionality to the BMS to deliver additional features without additional hardware

Technical Specifications

  • Supports total stack voltage ranging from 11-60VDC
  • Cell voltage taps support up to 16 cells
  • Supports up to eight temperature sensors
  • External communications support for Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and CAN
  • Multiple stacks can be connected in parallel using an additional hardware module
  • Monitors battery stack current via an external temperature-compensated inline current shunt for high accuracy
  • Controls up to four contactors
  • Includes protection from overvoltage and reverse battery connection
  • Four general purpose inputs and four general purpose outputs
  • Supports firmware upgrades over Ethernet

Low-Voltage Battery Management System Block Diagram

MESA Conformance


Nuvation BMS™ is conformant with the MESA-Device/Sunspec Energy Storage Model. MESA conformant products share a common communications interface that exposes all the data and control points required for operating an energy storage system. This enables Nuvation BMS™ to be integrated with other MESA conformant energy storage hardware or software without the need for custom middleware.