A Parallel Battery Stack Manager

Operator Interfaces
The Nuvation Energy Multi-Stack Controller
provides single and multi-stack monitoring and
control. A user friendly Operator Interface can be
accessed via a locally connected PC or via remotely.

The Multi-Stack Controller (MSC) aggregates control of all the battery stacks in your energy storage system, enabling you to operate the ESS as a unified battery. It also provides individual stack-level control. The MSC functions as a central battery control hub from which all other ESS control systems (energy controllers, PCS, external communications) can obtain battery data and send control commands to the battery system. It can be used to manage up to 36 battery stacks in parallel and will bring up stacks in the sequence best suited to the immediate use-case requirement, i.e., power, energy, or capacity. Battery system performance data and user controls can be accessed from a locally connected PC or remotely over Ethernet.

High Voltage BMS

Features include:

  • Enables monitoring and control of the entire battery pack though a single Modbus TCP interface.
  • Provides parallel stack aggregation and intelligent control. Manages up to 36 parallel battery stacks.
  • Collects pack-level voltage, temperature, and current statistics for all cells.
  • Calculates State of Charge and Depth of Discharge of the unified energy storage system.
  • Aggregates system-wide faults and warnings and provides battery pack diagnostics.
  • Ensures that measurements and control signals are propagating though all BMS modules.
  • Functions as a data analytics gateway by providing access to battery measurements for data capture.
  • Ruggedized (SAE J2464, SAE J2380), suitable for use in mobile energy storage systems.

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