Custom Battery Management System (BMS)

Nuvation Energy designed a custom battery management system (BMS) for Ambri’s liquid metal battery energy storage system prototype.

Ambri was in the research and development phase of battery design and required support for unanticipated behavior. We detailed the battery management system requirements, completed the ground-up electrical architecture, and provided them with a complete BMS solution.

Nuvation's BMS allowed Ambri to bring their new technology one step closer to commercialization.

Custom Battery Management System

Project Details

  • R&D Phase of BMS design, required support for unanticipated behavior
  • Determined requirements, designed architecture, built all BMS boards
    • 36-channel, ±1mV accurate BMS
    • 5 galvanically isolated ground domains
    • 10A passive balancing for each chanel
    • 5 degree accurate K-type thermocouple digitizer
    • Software implementation using C++ containing multiple embedded Lua environments