Islas Secas Micro Grid

Mar 21, 2019

Civic Solar chose Nuvation Energy to provide a custom energy storage solution (ESS) controller, and battery management system to expand the battery storage capacity for Islas Secas, a 100% solar powered resort off the coast of Panama.
In the event of a grid power failure, this compact 588 kWh ESS, designed by Nuvation Energy, outputs 2 MW of power for 15 minutes. It transitions a wastewater treatment plant in Santa Rosa, CA from grid power to diesel backup generators.

Meet eRex

Jul 19, 2018

eRex is an electric vehicle that Nuvation Energy started building in 2008 for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE. When we couldn't find a suitable battery management system to use in the vehicle, we decided to make one ourselves!


Jul 18, 2018

At Nuvation Energy, we love electric vehicles. We also like saving money. That’s why we built BESSIE. Michael Worry, Nuvation CEO, is an electric vehicle fanatic. In the past five years, he's owned two different electric vehicles.

Building BESSIE

Jul 17, 2018

For the nerds wondering how Nuvation Energy built BESSIE – this video is for you. BESSIE is a grid-connected energy storage system that we made using second-life Nissan Leaf batteries and Nuvation BMS™.
The nStore is an online shop from which battery energy storage system developers can purchase Nuvation Energy's low-voltage battery management system and access user manuals and downloadable files to aid with battery pack integration.