Project Successes

Nuvation BMS Selected by Stalwart Power

“Stalwart Power had sourced battery modules that met our utility client’s needs in terms of both cost per kilowatt-hour and cycling capacity, but the OEM battery management system was simply not designed to support our deployment at the utility. A key requirement was for the BMS to enable remote monitoring of the BESS and to flag any potential issues that would merit a service call, before it impacted system safety or performance.” –  Woody Gibson, CEO, Stalwart Power


Nuvation Battery Management System Completes MESA Conformance 

“Nuvation’s attainment of Draft 3 conformance streamlines the integration of their battery management system with Parker’s MESA-compliant inverters and 3rd-party site controllers on the Alevo GridBank project.”   – Daniel Friberg, Division Engineering Manager, Parker Hannifin  


Alevo Selects Nuvation Battery Management System for Grid-Scale Energy Storage

 Alevo has selected Nuvation BMS™ to manage their lithium-ion based GridBank containerized energy storage systems (ESS). Alevo’s planned U.S. deployment will provide more than 200MW of available power to utility grids.  Nuvation’s utility-grade battery management system will control the batteries in Alevo’s 2MW /1MWh ESS containers and support voltages approaching 1250 VDC