Energy Storage for PV Smoothing

Stalwart Power selected Nuvation Energy's battery management system to manage their 50 V battery energy storage system for grid-attached, behind-the-meter energy storage. The Stalwart system was a 17.5 kWh lithium-iron phosphate energy storage system that utilized a Schneider PCS.

Stalwart selected batteries for the system, but needed to replace the manufacturer’s bundled battery management system because it was not designed to support deployment at the utility.

Stalwart chose to replace the battery manufacturer's BMS with Nuvation Energy's BMS due to its remote monitoring capabilities. Nuvation Energy battery management systems can be used to remotely monitor an energy storage system and flag potential issues that would merit a service call, before those issues impact system safety or performance.

Nuvation Energy performed all aspects of system integration for this project. Our software team also developed a custom site controller that performed PV smoothing and load balancing functions.

Stalwart Power ESS with Nuvation Energy Battery Management System


  • PV smoothing and load shifting
  • 50 VDC, 17 kWh, LiFePO4 battery stack, Schneider PCS
  • Ethernet communications, remote access to performance data and BMS controls
  • Created custom PV smoothing, load shifting algorithms and site controller
  • Performed all system integration and testing
  • Installed in the field at a utility in Atlanta, Georgia, with on-site support from Nuvation Energy