Engineering Consultation and System Design

Custom Energy Storage SystemAugment your design team with our energy storage engineering and control system development experts. Nuvation Energy’s custom hardware and software solutions often leverage existing IP created by our R&D team, which accelerates your engineering effort and reduces project costs.

Our battery management system products are supported by a team of energy storage design engineers with extensive experience designing and building energy storage systems and applications. We provide remote and on-site product integration support, and can also customize our battery management solutions to meet specific integration and functional requirements.


Multi-Stack Controller

nController Energy Management system

An asset prioritization and control system for energy storage and distributed energy resources.
Second Life Energy Storage

Second Life Energy Storage

Solutions for organizations that are adding Second Life to their EV battery life cycle strategy.
Energy Storage Augmentation

Energy Storage Augmentation

Products and services for adding storage capacity, replacing older batteries, and adding new energy management functions.
Battery Drawer

energy storage engineering services

Custom engineering and system integration services to help complete your project.


Project Examples

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Energy storage for government building
Energy Storage for Buildings
Encell Technology chose Nuvation Energy to provide battery management systems and engineering services to...
uGrid Solar Energy Storage
Solar Energy Storage for Island
Civic Solar chose Nuvation Energy to provide battery management solutions for Islas Secas, a 100% solar...
Nuvation Energy BMS module in a Stalwart energy storage system
Energy Storage for PV Smoothing
Stalwart Power selected Nuvation Energy's battery management system to manage their 50 V battery energy...
Custom Energy Storage System at a wastewater treatment plant in Santa Rosa
Custom Energy Storage System
Trane selected Nuvation Energy to build a custom energy storage system (ESS) for a wastewater treatment plant...