A Distributed Energy Resource Management System

nController EMSThe nController Energy Management System (“nController EMS”) is an asset prioritization and control system for energy storage and distributed energy resources operating behind the meter. Whether you are adding energy storage to your facility for peak shaving, or creating a multi-asset microgrid for net zero grid consumption, this site controller will coordinate the operation of all your assets to meet your power management objectives. Use-cases include:

  • Solar PV self-consumption
  • Demand charge management
  • Time-of-use shifting
  • Power backup
  • Demand response
  • Load following
  • Resource prioritization, and many others

The nController hardware is the foundation of this energy management system. The wall-mounted unit connects to each of your distributed energy resources (e.g. PV/ Solar, energy storage, fossil fuel genset, utility grid connection, etc) and coordinates their operation.

nController EMS

BMS Dashboard

The nController receives data from the power conversion systems of each asset to determine available power and energy, and intelligently leverages your resources to provide power to your load. It determines which assets to utilize at any given time, and sends commands to their control systems to manage the flow of energy between assets and your load. For example, the nController can service your load from the solar array, and route any excess energy into the energy storage system. When solar power is insufficient to service the load, the nController can utilize the energy storage system for demand charge mitigation.

The nController EMS includes hardware and software that dramatically reduces the engineering effort required to operate DER and microgrid assets. It supports a range of DER configurations and applications, including a variety of power conversion systems (PCS) and power meters. System integration and application development services are provided by Nuvation Energy as needed to implement the nController into your specific target system.

nController Block Diagram

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nController EMS Technical Specifications

  • Integrated networking ports and protocols support, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU (Master)
  • Manages energy storage systems, includes all Battery Control Panel functions
  • Native support for PCS from Sinexcel (PWS2-30M-EX, PWS-30K-NA), Dynapower (DPS-500, MPS-125, MPS-250), LS Energy (PowerBRiC), SMA: Sunny Central. Support for additional power conversion systems added upon request
  • Native support for power meters from Wattnode (WND-WR-MB), Circutor (CVM-C10), Schneider (LV430491). Support for additional meters added upon request
  • 10” touch screen interface
  • Cellular modem (US and Canadian networks only)
  • 110/240 VAC Power supply