Nuvation Energy provides battery control products and system-level engineering services for the addition of more energy storage to an existing site, and the replacement of batteries that have reached their end of life.

We also provide energy controllers that can add new energy management capabilities to an existing energy storage site or microgrid. The nController EMS can control multiple assets (e.g. solar, gensets, energy storage, grid power) behind the meter, managing them together as a single distributed energy power plant.


At some point in the life of any energy storage site, there comes a time to make some changes. The most common changes are:

  • Replacing depleted batteries to address system capacity fade
  • Add more capacity to meet new performance requirements
  • Add new energy management functions

SMA Inverters
Nuvation Energy’s energy storage augmentation services can include
inverter specification as well as systems design and integration.

When replacing depleted cells or provisioning additional capacity, newer batteries will likely be available that are superior to your originals (which may also be no longer available). However, battery management electronics from one manufacturer may not be compatible with another’s, not included with your preferred batteries, or missing certain functionality required to mange the batteries with your existing equipment.

Adding more capacity can require system integration engineering, additional power conversion systems, and a strategy to coordinate the operation of your healthy new batteries with the older ones.

Nuvation Energy provides energy storage controllers and engineering design services to support your energy storage augmentation project, from initial design to final system commissioning. We also have a range of industry partners we can engage with to build out your augmentation project team as needed.   

Project Examples

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