Nuvation Energy provides battery management systems, energy management solutions, and energy storage system design services to organizations that are adding Second Life to their EV battery life cycle strategy.

A robust Second Life strategy enables organizations that manage high volumes of used EV batteries to create new revenue sources, reduce expensive warehousing, and to delay battery recycling. Used electric vehicle battery packs typically have 70% to 80% State of Health when they are removed from a vehicle, with batteries that can be used for as long as a decade in a stationary energy storage application.

Second Life

Our solutions include:

  • Configurable battery management systems for Second Life batteries.
  • Second Life pack and energy storage system design services.
  • Energy controllers for integrating Second Life energy storage systems into a distributed energy resource (DER) infrastructure.

Second Life
Second Life battery cells from a Nissan Leaf battery
pack, re-assembled for an energy storage application.

Our solutions can be applied to:

  • Rebuilding a new energy storage system with cells or modules from disassembled EV packs.
  • Reusing the original EV packs in an energy storage system by controlling the EV pack electronics to behave as if they are still in the vehicle.

Organizations we work with include:

  • Automotive companies that are building out a Second Life strategy as part of their EV battery lifecycle program.
  • System integrators deploying Second Life into their energy storage portfolio.
  • Second Life battery warehousing companies looking to create new revenue streams and reduce their stored inventory.

Project Examples

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A Containerized Battery Energy Storage System with Second Life Batteries
Front of the Meter – ECO STOR
ECO STOR asked Nuvation Energy to design and deliver a containerized Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) that...
ECO STOR energy storage system with Nuvation Energy BMS
Behind the Meter ESS – ECO STOR
ECO STOR utilized Nuvation Energy’s High-Voltage Battery Management System and nController Energy Management...
Battery management system controlling a Second Life energy storage stack
BMS for EV Charging Station
Spiers New Technologies selected Nuvation Energy's battery management system for their 57 kWh second-life...
A Second Life energy storage system prototype
Energy Storage System Prototyping
Nuvation Energy prototyped and built an energy storage system using second-life Nissan Leaf batteries...