Engineering Design for Energy Storage

Battery RacksNuvation Energy’s configurable off-the-shelf battery management solutions enable your organization to choose the best batteries and system components for your needs, and start building your energy storage systems at any scale and volume. We also provide power engineering design and control system development services to help complete your project.

Our level of involvement depends on your needs. Some customers purchase our products, read the technical manuals, and contact our Customer Support team if they require assistance during installation. Others invite us to provide comprehensive system design, consulting, and engineering solutions. Our energy storage engineering services include:

  • System design for regulatory certification (e.g. UL 1973, UL 9540, CE, CISPR, FCC, and others)
  • User interface and application-level software and networking solutions to enable system monitoring, management, and maintenance
  • System integration for unique configurations such as second life and hybrid systems, and integration of unique battery chemistries and formats
  • Capacity augmentation of fielded energy storage applications, including combining and operating different batteries as a unified battery system
  • Control system solutions for energy storage and distributed energy resources
  • Conduct a technical review of your energy storage system design or RFP
  • Turnkey energy storage solution development

With over 130 solutions in the field worldwide, Nuvation Energy is uniquely qualified to support many aspects of your engineering effort. The diversity of skills and expertise of our engineering team enables us to develop a range of solutions at the design, control, and application levels. Browse our energy storage project examples to better understand what we do and how we can help.

Contact us today to explore how our engineering team can help complete your energy storage project.

Project Examples

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A Containerized Battery Energy Storage System with Second Life Batteries
Front of the Meter – ECO STOR
ECO STOR asked Nuvation Energy to design and deliver a containerized Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) that...
uGrid Solar Energy Storage
Solar Energy Storage for Island
Civic Solar chose Nuvation Energy to provide battery management solutions for Islas Secas, a 100% solar...
Battery management system controlling a Second Life energy storage stack
BMS for EV Charging Station
Spiers New Technologies selected Nuvation Energy's battery management system for their 57 kWh second-life...
Custom Energy Storage System at a wastewater treatment plant in Santa Rosa
Custom Energy Storage System
Trane selected Nuvation Energy to build a custom energy storage system (ESS) for a wastewater treatment plant...