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5+ years preferred

This position is open to remote workers located in the USA or Canada.


Nuvation Energy is looking for a talented, innovative Front-End Software Developer with strong technical expertise, a commitment to the craft of writing high quality code, and team leadership skills. This is a full-time position in our Waterloo Office.

You will be responsible for developing new features for the Operator Interfaces and Engineering Tools used across all of our Battery Management System (BMS) products. These interfaces and tools are used by our customers to configure, operate, and monitor energy storage systems that range in scale from a few kilowatt hours to many megawatt hours in size.

Initially, this role is focused on front-end development using React and TypeScript. However, there is ample opportunity to do work spanning all levels of the software stack including front-end, core libraries and business logic, as well as back-end APIs. Our primary technology stack is TypeScript, Node.js, and React, although we use a broad array of other technologies to deliver our products. The software you develop may be deployed inside of one of our embedded control products, as a stand-alone browser-based application, or as a cloud service.

The ideal candidate has demonstrated experience working with multi-discipline teams building and testing web applications, has sound knowledge of software engineering practices, and is comfortable in a highly collaborative environment. Proven experience is a must, but so are technical creativity and the ability to learn.

If you are looking for constant challenges on a wide variety of design problems, this is the job for you.


Nuvation Energy is committed to the adoption of energy storage in every aspect of power generation and consumption. Our fourth-generation battery management system (BMS) represents over a decade of product innovation and is currently used in over 100 energy storage projects worldwide. Our BMS has been used to electrify RVsplanes, and ships. It’s been used to power EV charging stationsbuildings, and islands.

In addition to offering a superior BMS, our engineering team provides a range of energy storage system development services, including remote and on-site system integration support for our battery management systems.


At Nuvation, we are engineers to the core – it is our culture and we engage in it as a team sport. We enjoy gnarly challenges and see creative opportunities, where others see problems. We specialize in the ridiculous and emphatically reject the limitations of conventional wisdom.

We are huge proponents of ‘dogfooding’ – i.e. using what we build. In our spare-time we stop engineering for fun and money, and start engineering for fun alone. We built e-Rex (an electric car), BESSIE (an EV charging station), a Robot Bartender, and other arguably useful inventions that require an incredible amount of engineering expertise to make them work!

We are fanatical pragmatists who revere logic, process, repeatability, and methodology. You will be working with highly competent team members who are wired to respond to challenges with innovation. We’re very comfortable skating on the bleeding-edge of technology.

Our business fuels our culture, and our culture fuels our business. We love the work that we do and enjoy working with each other every day.

If this sounds like an environment where you can thrive, come join us!


  • Software Development – Designing, implementing, testing, and improving features for our customer-facing interfaces and tools used in current and upcoming products.
  • Software Architecture – Defining architectures that meet the technical and non-technical requirements of the system/product.
  • Technical Development – Developing your technical skills, knowledge and leadership through a work environment that provides mentoring and open collaboration.
  • Technical Leadership – Leading, defining, and evolving software development methodologies; mentoring others as the team grows.


  • Proven development experience with TypeScript (or JavaScript), HTML, and CSS (LESS/SASS/SCSS) on one or more production applications
  • A commitment to creating and maintaining a high-quality, well-tested code base
  • Design experience with both front-end single-page applications and back-end APIs
  • Strong troubleshooting and analytical skills that have been applied to solve performance problems, network bottlenecks, or other complex challenges
  • Experience working within a team development environment using code review, automated testing, and continuous integration best practices
  • Skilled at decomposing large features or user stories into manageable development tasks and work plans
  • University degree or College Diploma in Computer Science, Computer Programming, Software Engineering or equivalent experience


  • Application development experience with React and Node.js
  • Design experience with both SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Design experience with GraphQL APIs
  • Experience with Python and Selenium
  • Experience working with energy or battery management systems
  • Experience with encryption, security and authentication
  • Design experience in a complementary discipline


All Nuvation employees require a common set of general skills & characteristics – your capability in these areas will enable you to be successful at Nuvation. We take these skills and characteristics seriously – being a Nuvation employee requires more than just experience and role-specific skills.

  • You want to learn, and you do so quickly
  • You are effective at multi-tasking and switching gears by prioritizing, focusing, and adapting to the multiple concurrent tasks/projects at hand
  • You are proficient at estimation and critical thinking
  • You are organized, independent, and self-managing
  • You have strong written and verbal communication
  • You desire to work and collaborate with people and teams – you make your colleagues better and you grow from their contributions
  • You focus on results, and with quality
  • You are passionate and creative – with a willingness to go beyond the normal
  • You are hands-on and practical


Nuvation offers competitive salaries with health, dental, vision, and disability benefits. All positions have opportunities for variety, innovation, and success. We have a fast-paced, yet relaxed work environment, and a unique corporate culture that will support and encourage you to perform at your personal best for your colleagues and our customers. We promise you respect, teamwork, and appreciation for a job well done.

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