Grid Energy Storage


Large-scale battery energy storage is rapidly becoming adopted as part of distributed grid infrastructures worldwide. Nuvation Energy has installed battery management systems in island grids, developed custom solutions for utility grid energy storage projects, and provided engineering support and BMS solutions to megawatt-scale ESS manufacturers. With deep experience in supporting multiple battery chemistries and emerging technologies, Nuvation provides energy storage software and hardware design and engineering support to battery manufacturers, ESS integrators, and new technology developers.

Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage

Behind-the-meter energy storage provides an opportunity for homeowners, commercial and industrial facilities to realize significant cost-savings on their utility bills and to ensure the stability of business-critical infrastructure.  Nuvation provides custom energy storage and management solutions to developers of solutions for off-grid energy storage, telecom/datacom power backup, and demand charge reduction applications. Our services include the development of custom energy management algorithms, design and build of energy storage systems, and transition from prototype to volume production.  


Specialty Electric Vehicles

Specialty vehicles such as forklifts, golf carts, and indoor electric transportation systems are undergoing an evolution from lead-acid to lithium-ion driven propulsion systems. The right battery solution is one that balances use-case scenario, battery cost, and battery lifespan. Nuvation’s services can include design specification and component selection, battery module design, and custom software development to provide remote visibility into the battery health and state of charge of all individual vehicles in a fleet. 

Mobile Robots


Nuvation is one of those rare organizations that has extensive experience in both robot design and battery pack development. In fact, we first began exploring battery management when we were bare-metal fighting combat robots in the ring, which then evolved into us building an electric car, and then move on to grid energy storage battery management, which we subsequently tested in a beer-serving autonomous kegerator robot, in the Black Rock desert! So when we say we understand battery management for mobile robots, we're talking from plenty of hands-on experience.