Nuvation Energy battery management systems have been designed from the ground up for use in the most demanding commercial and industrial applications. Our current fourth generation BMS represents over a decade of product innovation and is currently used in over one hundred energy storage projects worldwide.

Utility Grids

Micro Grid Islas Secas
Nuvation Energy provided BMS for
solar powered island microgrid.

Nuvation Energy battery management solutions are deployed in megawatt-scale energy storage systems that support utility grids. Applications currently operating in the field include frequency regulation, transmission and distribution upgrade deferral, peaker plant replacement, and renewables integration.


Our battery management systems are utilized in microgrid applications worldwide, from wineries to wastewater treatment plants. Applications include storage to protect from grid power outages, demand response, load shifting, and fossil fuel backup generator replacement.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential

Businesses and homeowners are increasingly utilizing storage for applications such as backup power, demand charge management, solar self-consumption and grid independence. Nuvation Energy Low-Voltage BMS is an ideal solution for residential storage applications in the 48-Volt range, and is used in office and residential buildings as well as individual homes. For high-power industrial applications, energy storage system developers frequently choose Nuvation Energy High-Voltage BMS as their preferred battery management solution.

PV System
Nuvation Energy provided a Low-Voltage Stack Assembly and Stack Switchgear for a PV system installed in Via Verde, a residential development in New York.

Specialty Applications

Nuvation Energy battery management systems are also used in specialty vehicles and mobile robots. Applications include heavy farm and mining equipment, electric buses, and smaller vehicles such as golf carts and forklifts. We can also provide customized versions of our battery management solutions with specific feature sets and form factors for volume implementation into specialty applications.

Project Examples

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Custom Energy Storage System at a wastewater treatment plant in Santa Rosa
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