PJM Frequency Regulation

One of our clients selected Nuvation Energy's battery management system to manage the batteries in their 2 MW energy storage system. A key reason the client chose Nuvation Energy BMS is because it can measure battery cells from 0 volts and accurately manage the charging process from 0% to 100%. Managing this charging process requires highly accurate current readings and a level of precision that most battery management systems are not designed for.

This client's high energy density cells had 99% availability and could be safely discharged to zero volts. For this reason the client required a highly accurate BMS and chose Nuvation Energy BMS for the job.  

The client also required near 100% availability on the PJM market, which they were able to accomplish by utilizing Nuvation Energy’s Grid Battery Controller (GBC). The GBC allowed the client to service individual stacks while continuing to meet the needs of the PJM market.

PJM Frequency Regulation

Project Details:

  • 2 MW / 1MWh
  • 22 stacks, 1024 VDC
  • LiFePO4 cell chemistry, 320s2p
  • 40-foot shipping container housing more than 7000 cells
  • Frequency regulation on the PJM Energy Market
  • Performed data analytics