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Nuvation Energy and our sister company Nuvation Engineering were founded on the principle of technology as an infinite continuum, and with a commitment to making the world better during our brief stay as its guests. We are in perpetual motion, constantly creating and improving technology and embracing the impossible as solvable technical challenges.

This page is a space for sharing some of the knowledge we have accumulated over two decades of industry-leading innovation. Here you will find tutorials, webinars, case studies, and “engineering for the joy of it” garage projects that lift the hood on energy storage to give you a closer look at what’s underneath.

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BMS designer Alex Ramji provides a walk-through of Nuvation Energy’s Stack Switchgear, a stack-level battery management system that is generally located above or below each stack in a large-scale high-voltage ESS.
In our final webinar in this series, “Battery State of Health in Energy Storage Systems” Stefan Janhunen, Principal Software Architect and battery measurement algorithms developer at Nuvation Energy, takes a deeper dive into battery State of Health.
3 Part Webinar Series
Join Nuvation Energy for a 3-part tutorial series that examines Energy Storage and DER Control Behind the Meter, Battery Warranty Tracking, and Battery State of Health Measurement.