Measuring 1MWh in Lemon Batteries

By Nate Wennyk | Oct 22, 2016

Helping the average person understand the energy stored by a 1MWh energy storage system can sometime involve making some pretty interesting comparisons. Where more commonly one might see something lik...

Challenges of Designing the Ideal BMS

By Nate Wennyk | Sep 9, 2016

What makes an ideal battery management system? The first thing that should come to mind is safety. There are many videos and articles out there that show lithium-based batteries venting and/or burstin...

Battery Management System Scalability

By Stefan Janhunen | Aug 28, 2014

When designing Nuvation BMS™, Nuvation’s fourth-generation battery management system and first off-the-shelf BMS, our goal was to create a set of modules that could be connected to the battery pac...