Energy Storage Management Webinar Series

Oct 28, 2020

Energy Storage Management and DER Integration

Whether you are an energy storage system developer or end-user, two ESS control criteria must continuously be met in order to maximize the value of your investment. First, you must protect your system by ensuring the batteries are always being operated within warranty parameters. Second, your distributed energy resource (DER) controller must effectively coordinate the operation of your assets in response to changing criteria. Watch Nuvation Energy's 3-part tutorial series that examines:

  • Energy Storage and DER Control Behind the Meter
  • Battery Warranty Tracking
  • Battery State of Health Measurement

Course 1: Energy Storage and DER Control behind the Meter

  • Types and tiers of distributed energy resource management
  • Technical constraints and opportunities in asset management
  • Integrating energy resources for centralized control
  • A demand charge management implementation model

Course Completed on Wednesday, October 28

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Course 2: Battery Warranty Tracking for Stationary Energy Storage

  • Creating the use-case specific battery warranty
  • Energy storage system design for battery life and cycle count targets
  • Battery warranty tracking technologies
  • Data capture vs. compliance reporting

Course Completed on Wednesday, November 18

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Course 3: Battery State of Health in Energy Storage Systems

  • What is State of Health and how is it defined?
  • The most common metrics used to measure battery performance and health
  • The effects of battery degradation on energy storage system performance
  • Moving towards an energy storage system perspective for State of Health

Course Completed on Wednesday, December 16

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