Battery Management for Energy Storage North America

By Joseph Xavier | Aug 8, 2017

PV-Smoothing-Solar-Energy-Storage.pngEnergy Storage North America, August 8-10, 2017, San Diego, California – Nuvation will be exhibiting in booth 510 at the ESNA conference and trade show. This will be our third year on the show floor and we have noticed the exhibitor list grow each year as large-scale energy storage becomes more widely adopted as a key component in distributed electricity grids. According to a search (June 27, 2017) of the Department of Energy’s Global Energy Storage Database there are currently over 1.7 GW of operational electro-chemical energy storage installations worldwide, 299 MW under construction, and 410 MW of new projects have been announced. According to the Los Angeles times, California has invested so much in solar power that they now pay other states to take the excess power generated. A nice problem to have, and a great case for installing more energy storage!

Nuvation is proud to be contributing to our clean energy future by providing Nuvation BMS™ battery management solutions for large-scale energy storage, as well as system integration and energy storage engineering services. Visit us in booth 510 to learn more about how we can help accelerate your energy storage project.