Meet BESSIE: Nuvation’s Energy Storage System

By Jenna Freeman | Jul 12, 2017

At Nuvation, we love electric vehicles. We also like saving money. That’s why we built BESSIE.


Michael Worry, Nuvation CEO, is an electric vehicle fanatic. In the past five years, he's owned two different electric vehicles – a Nissan Leaf and a Tesla. He drives them everywhere, including to work, where he plugs into one of the many EV charging posts at Nuvation's Sunnyvale office. It isn't just Michael who uses these charging posts – several other Nuvation employees drive electric vehicles and plug in when they get to work. This began to take a toll on Nuvation’s utility bill so we built BESSIE, our Battery Energy Storage System.


And now the nerdy version:



BESSIE is a grid-connected energy storage system that we made using second-life Nissan Leaf batteries and Nuvation BMS™. The two-port system features a 15 kilowatt charger-inverter. AC power comes in from the wall and is used to charge BESSIE. The output port is wired to our electric vehicle charging post in the parking lot.