Custom Energy Storage System

Trane selected Nuvation Energy to build a custom energy storage system (ESS) for a wastewater treatment plant in the City of Santa Rosa, CA. The plant employs backup diesel generators as part of their demand charge management system. It can take a few minutes for the diesel generators to get fully ramped up and online. Nuvation Energy created a custom energy storage system that could be used for demand charge management and facilitate the seamless transition from the utility grid to the diesel gensets.

    Custom Energy Storage System at a wastewater treatment plant in Santa Rosa

    To support the high power demand requirements of the treatment plant, the ESS can output 2 MW for 15 minutes. In addition to this unusual power requirement, the approved site was not large enough to support a standard 40-foot containerized ESS. So Nuvation Energy worked with ESS container manufacturer Eco-H to build a compact 24-foot container.  PCS integration and final testing before field deployment were performed at Parker Hannifin - Energy Grid-Tie Division in Charlotte, NC.

    Check out the video below to learn more about the 2 MW energy storage system we built.


    Project Details:

    • Wastewater treatment plant, City of Santa Rosa, CA
    • Spinning reserve, for diesel genset changeover in case of grid outage
    • Custom ultra-compact 24-foot container due to siting constraints
    • Outputs 2 MW for 15 minutes
    • Capacity - 588 kWh
    • PCS - Parker Hannifin 890GT-B, 2 MW, 1200 VDC
    • NMC batteries
    • Nuvation Energy turnkey custom energy storage system design (racks, battery selection, pack & rack design, container, HVAC, fire suppression, PCS, etc.