Second-Life Energy Storage

Spiers New Technologies selected Nuvation BMS™ for their 100 kWh second-life stationary energy storage system. Spiers is a lifecycle management company that repurposes used electric vehicle batteries into stationary energy storage. Nuvation Energy assisted Spiers by providing the battery management system and system integration support services for their system.

When second-life batteries are taken from an electric vehicle they usually require a new battery management system. This is because the BMS that is used in electric vehicles does not cross over well to stationary applications. The systems generally use different communication interfaces; EVs use CAN whereas stationary applications use Ethernet Modbus TCP. Stationary systems also tend to be high voltage, whereas EVs are commonly low voltage.

Spiers selected Nuvation Energy for this product commercialization effort because we provided a superior BMS, comprehensive product support, and considerable energy storage system design expertise.

Second-Life Energy Storage

Project Details:

  • Tower contains 108 series cells
  • The building block is 4 modules in parallel; each module is 2s2p of pouches internally
  • Modules reclaimed from a Nissan Leaf battery pack
  • Provides peak-shaving for electric vehicle charging stations