Solar Energy Storage for Island

Civic Solar chose Nuvation Energy to provide battery management solutions for Islas Secas, a 100% solar powered island resort off the coast of Panama.

The island microgrid is powered by a 355 kW photovoltaic (PV) array. Nuvation Energy provided a custom energy storage system (ESS) controller to enable unified control of 27 battery banks and two diesel gensets. We also provided a battery management system to expand battery storage capacity by an additional 500 kWh. An downloadable Energy Storage Case Study is available on the Consortium for Battery Innovation's website.

Ugrid Solar Plus Storage Facility

The solar array powers all appliances, lighting, air conditioning and systems on the island, switching off at dusk to run only silent battery power at night. The solar array will turn on at sunrise to refuel the batteries from the night before, while continuing to run the island’s electric loads.

Check out the video below to learn more about the Islas Secas microgrid.

Project Details:

  • Solar-powered eco-resort off the coast of Panama
  • 355 kW PV array + 1.5 MWh of storage (AGM batteries) to provide power at night
  • Two 200kW diesel backup generators
  • Provide custom ESS controller to enable unified control of 27 battery banks and two diesel gensets
  • Provide battery management solutions to expand battery storage capacity to 500 kWh
  • Replace existing BMS in 1.5 MWh system, provide BMS for additional 500 kWh of storage