Solar Plus Storage in India

Urban Electric Power (UEP) selected Nuvation Energy's battery management system to manage a 250 kWh energy storage system (ESS) for a 40 kWp solar power (PV) plant at a large manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Mumbai, India.

The facility needed to reduce electricity costs due to their high power demands. Nuvation Energy High-Voltage BMS was paired with UEP’s ESS to store solar power generated during the day and use it during the evening shift. Nuvation Energy also supplied a Multi-Stack Controller for parallel stack management, remote monitoring and control.

Urban Electric Power Solar Plus Energy Storage System


  • 30 kW / 250 kWh energy storage system
  • Ideal Power 30 kW inverter Zinc manganese oxide battery
  • Supply load for 8 hours Battery charged during the day from solar and discharged at night
  • Nuvation Energy provided BMS, remote technical support, troubleshooting and system integration