City Utilities Energy Storage

Electric Applications chose Nuvation Energy's battery management system to manage their 960 VDC 1 MW / 1 MWh grid-tied energy storage system. This lead-acid energy storage system was installed by City Utilities in Missouri. The system was part of a pilot project to provide additional energy to the grid during peak demand periods.

    City Utilities grid-tied containerized energy storage system

    The system demonstrates various operating modes required to support City Utilities' grid operations. In load shifting mode, the battery begins a cycle at full charge. It discharges during periods of high power demand and charges during off-peak periods, to be ready for the next on-peak discharge cycle.

    Electric Applications selected Nuvation Energy for the job because we provide a battery management system module specifically designed for 12V lead-acid monoblocs. The BMS also provides current and voltage monitoring, as well as State of Charge (SOC) calculations, which the client was looking for.

    Check out the video below to watch the construction of this energy storage system.


    Project Details:

    • Developed by Electric Applications for City Utilities 
    • 1 MW / 1 MWh grid-attached Energy storage system (ESS) in Missouri, USA
    • 15 stacks of 80 12V lead-acid monoblocs
    • Occupies two 40-foot containers
    • Load shifting application
    • Nuvation Energy's BMS provides current and voltage monitoring plus State of Charge calculation