Alevo Selects Nuvation Battery Management System for Grid-Scale Energy Storage

By Joseph Xavier | Oct 8, 2016

Novi Michigan, April, 2016. Alevo has selected Nuvation Energy's battery management system to manage their lithium-ion based GridBank containerized energy storage systems (ESS). Alevo’s planned U.S. deployment will provide more than 200MW of available power to utility grids.  Nuvation’s utility-grade battery management system will control the batteries in Alevo’s 2MW /1MWh ESS containers and support voltages approaching 1250 VDC. A Nuvation Multi-Stack Controller will control parallel battery stacks and provide a central interface for grid integration and energy

Nuvation's BMS includes features such as remote monitoring and management, automated BMS firmware updating, redundant safety features, and granular battery performance optimization controls. The Multi-Stack Controller centralizes the management of parallel battery stacks in a single device, and can be connected to external energy management controls and data analytics systems. It also includes a host of additional management features such as real-time data streaming and early identification of potential cell degradation.

Nuvation's BMS is a chemistry-agnostic battery management system that can support lithium-ion, lead-acid, zinc-oxide, nickel, other chemistries and supercapacitors.


*Previously published by Critical Power Expo